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Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Rant: Royals 4, Angels 2

Once again, it was obvious that if the Angels offense didn't get to Bruce Chen early, they weren't going to win if it came down to a battle of the bullpens. And that's exactly what happened, as Ervin Santana pitched well through seven but eventually put the losing run on base in the guise of David DeJesus and Jason Kendall, who were the first two batters in a two-out rally that ultimately sank the Angels. Francisco Rodriguez made matters worse by giving up another pair of runs in the eighth, looking sloppy and bad.

But my main complaint tonight was about security harassing me about my camera and lenses on the way in. The guy I drew whipped out a pencil and demanded my lens stack up as shorter than it; I almost didn't make it in, save for the good cop in the line next to me who suggested I be waved in. Look, guys, the way the Angels are playing — losing at home to the friggin' Royals — management should be grateful people are showing up to the games at all, let alone bringing cameras to record what happens. If they persist in this, I'm not renewing my season tickets. Seriously.

Matt Welch:

[Bruce] Chen, an arm so pointless he was schlepped from the Braves to the Phillies to the Mets to the Expos to the Reds to the Astros to the Red Sox to the Blue Jays to the Orioles in less than FOUR CALENDAR YEARS, was, inexcusably, perfect through 6 innings, though he did have some help in the form of two great David DeJesus (of Montreal) catches in CF. Erick Aybar finally recognized that 85-mph pitches aren't "fastballs" in the 7th, but after Bobby Abreu somehow swung and missed at a third strike, Mike Napoli popped up to end the 0-0 threat.

ESPN BoxAngels recap

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