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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sell Everyone NOW: Orioles 5, Angels 0

Losing a series at home to the worst team in the AL East should be a late wake-up call to Tony Reagins and every single person in the Angels front office that this team has quit. Like it or not, it's time to move everything that isn't nailed down and sell, sell, sell, as though that shouldn't have happened prior to the trade deadline anyway. The Angels will probably have to eat some contracts; Bobby Abreu's unmovable deal looks like one. But Torii Hunter seems a reasonable possibility to get some value in the offseason, as good as he's been, and Jered Weaver as well, who almost certainly won't be coming back after he hits free agency, as all Scott Boras clients eventually do. Speaking of that, I wonder if Kendry Morales is worth shipping out, or better to wait him out? Mmm, plenty of time to figure this stuff out in November, I guess.


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