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Friday, August 27, 2010

Twins Claim Brian Fuentes Off Waivers

Per a tweet from the Times; certainly of the "Great trade, who'd we get?" variety. Fuentes had pretty much degenerated into a LOOGY sort in his Angels tenure, and given the team is stuck firmly at the .500 level, getting any kind of value for the various parts they can sell is a good idea.

The Times story on the piece says he was traded for a PTBNL, presumably not named Joe Mauer.

Update: Bitter, party of one:

"It was funny. I felt like I was pitching on the road quite a bit. I came in to a lot of boos, but the fans here come out in droves. They’re here to be entertained. They’re entertained one way or another, through my frustrations or through my success. I felt like I’ve given them a lot more success than failure."

These comments seem ill-advised for a couple of reasons:

1. Do you really want to rip the people who paid for the tickets and stuff that allowed you to be paid $17.5 million over the past two seasons? On a fundamental level, should it be that hard to hold your tongue when you step back and look at the big picture?

I'm sure the guy was stung by the lack of support at home, but rise above it.

2. They were perfectly within their rights to boo him, especially when he was blowing three out of eight save chances from April 21 to May 26. And yeah, they still remember that awful pitch to Alex Rodriguez in the playoffs that might have cost the Angels the ALCS.

Sorry, Brian, but, have a nice career.

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Most of the time, Fuentes did his job. Nobody's perfect, and that pitch to A-Rod was truly devastating. But there are a lot of guys who lost big games. The great Mariano Rivera himself lost a WS game 7. By and large, though, Fuentes did what he was supposed to do, even if it involved a bit more drama than one might find desirable. Clearly, he was the least of the Halos' problems this year. I hope they get a decent prospect for him.

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