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Friday, October 22, 2010

If You're A Member Of Rob Neyer's Club, You're In For Life

Rob Neyer thinks the Mets taking their sweet time finding a new GM is a good sign, and more importantly, this:
I happen to think either [Josh] Byrnes or [Sandy] Alderson would do a fine job, though of course Alderson's got the more impressive track record.
This is something akin to saying that the RMS Olympic did a better job of staying afloat than the Titanic. Presiding over five seasons of the Snakes' roster, they went 383-427 with one postseason appearance that resulted in a NLCS loss (the 2007 team). Alderson's A's teams went 1,274-1,252 on his watch (1983-1998) with four postseason appearances, including three consecutive World Series appearances with one win among them.

Now, I'm generally in favor of sabermetrics — the provable is better than the opposite — but this seems to me to be a sort of reflexive nod to the Red Sox. Byrnes, who was formerly the Red Sox' AGM, was also associated with Bill James' tenure there, making him part of the club ... looking at the last four years of Alderson's tenure in Oakland, you can see why he ended up leaving: three last-place finishes, and one third place. But ... rilly? Hiring the no-managerial-experience-whatsoever A.J. Hinch as the team's manager? Did Alderson ever do anything that boneheaded?

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IIRC, Alderson receives great praise in Moneyball, and was (as much as Billy Beane, really) the architect of those early-aughts Oakland teams. I'm not quite sure what he was doing down in San Diego, which at one point had essentially three GMs - Alderson, Kevin Towers and Paul DePodesta - doing baseball executive stuff.

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