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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

McCourts Enter Their Statements

Molly Knight does yeoman's work in degreasing the final statements before Judge Gordon renders judgment on the case:
In Monday's filing her attorneys wrote: "The parties have identified only three reported cases from any jurisdiction in the United States where parties executed two different and inconsistent versions of what purported to be the same instrument. In each of those cases, the courts concluded that no contract had been created because of lack of mutual assent."

Attorneys for Frank McCourt are seeking to have the version of the marital property agreement that gives their client sole possession of the Dodgers upheld because they say it was what the couple always intended.

I'm thinking Jamie wins this round. The case will kick around in appeals courts for two or three years, though, with the fans as captives. Sucks to be us!

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Meanwhile back at the ranch I am packing for an 0740 flight from John Wayne Airport to San Francisco. I have seen the Phillies play five NLCS games over the past two seasons. There are three more games on deck. This year I will be rooting for the Phillies. How about a toast for a Red October?

Interestingly I began this season with a one week road trip to see the Astros host the Giants and Phillies and the Rangers host the Blue Jays. The hospitality was great as the home team did not win one of those seven games. Three of the four teams still alive I saw play the first week of the season. My season began with the Giants and Phillies and it is going to end with the Giants and Phillies.

Six years in a row I have seen the World Series winning team win a post season game live. Pete Rose says not to bet on a streak to end. Here's hoping the streak continues. I will probably be one of the few people in AT&T Park who saw the Giants play in Houston opening night this past April. Go Phillies!

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