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Friday, October 15, 2010

On Shareholder Ownership Of The Dodgers

The Daily News' Tom Hoffarth recently wrote a piece about shareholder ownership of the Dodgers. I have always been of the belief that MLB wouldn't allow a Green Bay Packers scenario because of a proscription on public ownership; the real reason is that business is good, MLB doesn't want an undifferentiated mass of people it largely doesn't know running a team, and there will be no shortage of buyers available should the Dodgers end up on the auction block.

Jon hated it, too. I'm largely with Jon there; the itch to pander, which is always a bad idea, is doubly bad in baseball because unlike football, the draft is important but not for picking out college or high school stars (who may or may not turn into pro stars), but for eventually recognizing, through attrition, those who may become stars.



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