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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickoff Moves

Philly Gets The Split On Strong Nights From Oswalt, Werth: Phillies 6, Giants 1

A pretty close game through six and a half frames, until starter Jonathan Sanchez imploded in the bottom of the seventh. Sanchez gave up a two-out, bases-loaded walk in the first that proved an omen for San Francisco's chances. Bruce Bochy finally pulled his starter in the bottom of the seventh after giving up a leadoff single to Roy Oswalt, who was very much on his game; the Phillies' star surrendered only a single run while striking out nine, and even scoring a run. Sanchez had previously only logged a single loss in his career to Philadelphia, but funny things happen in the postseason.


The First Casualty Of Eric Wedge In Seattle: Milton Bradley

Aaron Gleeman raises a fantastic point: Milton Bradley's bad attitude toward Eric Wedge (really? A "F*ck Eric Wedge" t-shirt in the locker room?) got him shipped to the Dodgers. He was a much better player then, and I can only imagine what happens now. Do the M's eat the remaining $12M on his current deal? I would bet they do, and so does U.S.S. Mariner.

Angels Honors

Two, so far:

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Sad to say, but Wood's 2010 AFL season won't even come close to his previous stint, that after 3+ more years experience including MLB.

And Trumbo is our Org Player of the year, while Trout is on everyone's short list for Minor Leaguer/Prospect of the year? THAT i don't get.
I know. I'm beyond confused by the selection. Of course, the fact that Trout is still in the lower minors should be a reason to be cautious.
yes, Welch did a nice tempering of expectations for Trout at HH, while FA mentions Trumbo's year was at AAA

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