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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Game 1: Giants 11, Rangers 7

Top 1st: Tim Lincecum gave up a single to leadoff man Elvis Andrus; he eventually scored on a bizarre infield single from Vlad Guerrero that bounced off Lincecum and rolled out to shallow right. He must have had an awful case of nerves out there, since he then blew a rundown play on Nelson Cruz's bouncer back to the mound. The mental mistake — which led to Cruz reaching — cost him nothing since he induced a double play from Ian Kinsler.
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Bottom 1st: Freddie Sanchez gets a one-out single that makes Vlad Guerrero run, but then he erases himself by drifting too far off the bag. That let Ian Kinsler double him up on Buster Posey's popup, ending the inning. Did someone put stupid pills in the San Francisco dugout water cooler?

Top 2nd: Benjie Molina singles, and then Cliff Lee doubled, with one out. Really?. This game looks like it's getting out of hand in a hurry, and Lincecum had 31 pitches already.

Andrus sac flies Molina home as the ball came in quite wide. 2-0 Rangers.

Bottom 3rd: After Lincecum got the game to the bottom half 1-2-3 for the first time all game, Edgar Rentaria reached on a David Young error. Lincecum failed to bunt him over, but then Cliff Lee plunked Andres Torres. Freddie Sanchez then doubled to put the Giants on the board 2-1, and with one out, the Giants could get a sac fly to tie it up.

Buster Posey whacked one into the outfield that tied the game 2-2, and would have given the team the lead but for Torres having to hold at second.

Bottom 3rd: Lee wobbled through Lincecum's at-bat, but got him out. But then Torres doubled, and Sanchez doubled him in to give the Giants their first lead of this World Series, 3-2. Jayson Stark claims this is the first time Lee has surrendered five doubles in a single game in a Texas uniform.

Darren O'Day warms up while Lee continued to struggle; eventually, he gave up an RBI single to NLCS MVP Cody Ross, cashing in Freddy Sanchez from second. Lee is perilously close to getting pulled before five. Pat Burrell knocked another one in with a second consecutive two-out single, and that's all for Lee. 5-2 Giants, and the game isn't even through five. Strange: on two consecutive plays, Josh Hamilton did not attempt a play at the plate.

Juan Uribe took the first two pitches from Darren O'Day, crushing one into the seats to make it 8-2 Giants. The game is really getting out of hand, but the Rangers can really score in a hurry and there's a lot of game left. Not that it mattered — Edgar Rentaria got plunked, and then Andrus kicked a ball that let Lincecum reach on a dribbler up the middle. The wheels are falling off for the Rangers.

Top 6th: After striking out the first two batters, Lincecum walked Ian Kinsler and gave up an RBI double to Bengie Molina for an 8-3 advantage. Of course it's Bengie.

And done ... The Giants tacked on three more, and the Rangers went after a few themselves, but not so many as los Gigantes...


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