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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pickoff Moves, Bullet Points Edition

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All things considered, Bochy did a pretty good job in San Diego. They made the playoffs four times in his 12 seasons, including the last two, and made it as far as the World Series in 1998. That was a team on a limited budget for several years (Petco only opened in 2004), and the rosters reflected that.

It's hard to imagine that Podsednik would turn down $2 million guaranteed. Does he really think someone will pay him more? Is he hoping for a multiyear deal somewhere?
I also meant to comment on Sparky Anderson's passing. It's hard to believe he was only 76. Having just turned 40, that doesn't sound very old anymore. I guess I thought Sparky was older than that. He looked about 76 years old 35 years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting him once at Jim Lefebvre's baseball camp. This was in 1978, right after the Reds had (stupidly) fired him.
I'm not among the Carl Crawford advocates, but "perilously low" seems a bit overwrought to speak of Crawford's OBP. He's put up an OBP of .355 or better in three of the past four seasons.

I don't like that it's fueled largely by batting average, but it's not perilously low.
Jaffe suggests that Granderson may be available for trade. . .I was greatly saddened to hear of Sparky's passing. The dementia seemed to come on quite suddenly, because it wasn't too long ago I saw him, perfectly cogent, on TV somewhere. He was a color commentator for the Angels on TV some years back, and a more colorful color commentator there never was. But one thing about Sparky--he was always fair with the f*****g writers!
A former coworker, Vicente Cue, told me Anderson was a parishioner at his church, also the same church attended by Mike Scioscia.
By the way, for anyone who thought I was in bad taste, I was merely paying homage with a quote of Sparky's made famous by Jim Healy. I hope I didn't offend anyone inadvertently.

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