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Monday, April 11, 2011

Jered Weaver Announces He Wants To Be A Yankee: Angels 3, Blue Jays 1

I suppose it's a bit cynical to run that headline up there, considering the Weav just hit a career high in strikeouts, but when the team seemed to make little effort to extend him — aw, who am I kidding, he's a Scott Boras client, and they always go in for free agency — it's hard not to get a little depressed. I'm enjoying these performances for as long as they last, but with the knowledge he won't be around too terribly much longer.

Bobby Wilson hit into the only GIDP for the day for the Angels, so there was that; but another 0-fer day from Vernon Wells was thoroughly depressing. Luckily the day ended well, mostly the consequence of a Peter Bourjos RBI triple. The kid really seems to be for real, a bright light of sunshine in a partly cloudy offense.

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I don't know, Rob. This headline is a stretch. Jered didn't "announce" anything yesterday except that his reputation as an impressive strikeout pitcher with remarkable deception and control is still intact.

I remember it was only a few years back when you were absolutely convinced that Weaver was Jeff Jr, destined for injury and degradation. He's only gotten better year over year since then.

If you're going to be wrong once about the guy, do tread a little lighter, and enjoy one of the few homegrown bounties the Angels organization has produced in recent years.
Of course I'm kidding about that, Maxwell, but as I said, I do think he'll be gone once free agency hits; the Angels haven't shown much inclination to hang on to their free agents, and especially, I don't see them outbidding the Yankees or Red Sox. That could be a blessing or a curse; he may well have given us his best years by that point.
While watching yesterday's game, I sent the following text to a buddy: "Sitting here wondering how much $$$ it will take to keep WTY away from the Yankees," and I think that is what you're implying, Rob. To be sure, there is a lot of baseball to be played before Jered is a free agent, and who knows what he'll be like after throwing another 400+ innings. But if he is still an ace, given the Yankees' dearth of quality pitching, it's hard to imagine them not basically handing Boras a blank check and telling him to fill in whatever numbers he deems appropriate.
Brian announces he's glad Lackey wanted to be a Red Sox and that the Angels obliged

but Weaver's a different story completely - a SoCal kid through and through who is worth what the market will pay and here's hoping they go all GA on him with the contract and not count on anything less. Let's not get too excited yet - it's April and I remember how the Angels used Frank Tanana .
Tanana predates me, Brian. Do tell.
Tanana was an absolute young stud and paired with Ryan during the mid 70's 'Tanana & Ryan and two days of cryin' era. He led the AL in K's in 1975. He had a nice run in '75-'77 (his age 22-24 seasons)
1975: 2.62 ERA, 16 CG, 257.1 IP, 269 K
1976: 2.43 ERA, 23 CG, 288.1 IP, 261 K
1977: 2.54 ERA, 20 CG, 241.1 IP, 205 K

in other words, he pitched his ass and arm off over 3 years and never was the same with the fastball. He battled through it though and won the first clinching playoff game for us in 1979. Remarkably, he ended up with a long career though -21 years, won 240 games, 143 CG, 34 SOs, 2,773 Ks. Do that today and you're in the HOF. Even then for his era, he at least deserves a mention.

the point was though the Angels gassed him by 25 yrs old with the heavy workload. With this bullpen and our season most dependent on Weaver, its not a stretch of the imagination to thoink history can repeat itself. I think i heard the other day Tanana put togethe 19 CG at one stretch.

Dude was good ...AND during a chaitable golf tournament in Spring Training took time out from his round to take a shot on my home basketball court from 3-pt range - that was cool.

Like this pic - nice company!
led the AL in ERA and SO too in 1977.
Rich Lederer sums it up better than I in his HH Top Angels report.

also of note is he started the most games in AL History ever for a LHP.

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