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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Opening Day Must Be A Holiday, Because The Offense Went On Vacation: Blue Jays 3, Angels 2

Yesterday's game was most interesting for the long stretch in which Ervin Santana appeared to have a perfect game going early, retiring the first 13 batters in order. Of course, you don't make the mistake of mentioning it — which I did at the end of the fourth.

The rest of the game wasn't actually terrible, save for the part where the Angels' offense basically didn't get it done. When they did get a hit, as with Mark Trumbo's fourth-inning double, they ended up either stranded or twin killing victims. A big part of that was Vernon Wells' 0-for-4 night, one for which he is understandably apologetic.

As to the park — the game was well-attended. The whole affair seemed to have a best-laid-plans sighing to it; the original C-17 scheduled for the flyover couldn't make it, so we got a World War II-era overflight instead. The game was reported to be a sellout at 43,853, but it seemed emptier than that (though not much). I keep hoping this isn't a portent for the rest of the season.

ESPN BoxMLB recap

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