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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pickoff Moves

Dodger Fans, Including A Pregnant Woman, Assaulted At Angels Stadium

I'm going to start off this post with an indignant diatribe against fan violence no matter where it occurs. I generally find the atmosphere at Angels Stadium much more conducive to having a good time — more "family friendly" as they say — than Dodger Stadium, and not least because it seems there are more thugs at Dodger Stadium. But the latter has no monopoly on teh stupid, as this LA Weekly report indicates:

A poster at thedirty.com says the woman, 7-months pregnant, jumped in after her brother, in a Dodgers shirt, was jumped by a group of four Angels fans walking behind them and taunting them.

The woman was kicked and pummeled while she was down, according to the blog. Her companion, said to be her husband, jumped in too and helped to break it up.

No, really. Knock it off, now.

Dan Haren Day: Angels 2, Indians 0

Dan Haren (we may now surmise, a good trade) pitched a one-hit shutout for the Angels, their only offense being solo homers by Mark Trumbo and Peter Bourjos. Slumping Vernon Wells (a bad, and possibly career-ending trade for Tony Reagins) missed the start. It seems awfully sad that the Angels must work their starters so hard so early; I expect they will be forced to take it out in change at the end of the season, being all tuckered out. For now, I'm enjoying the ride, complete with a deep-space-vacuum of run suppression that Haren ended the game with: 0.73 ERA.

ESPN BoxRecap

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory: Giants 5, Dodgers 4

Chad Billingsley gave up four of the runs the Giants needed to win this one, and only lasted five innings. He's having a slow start to his season, ending the game with a 7.71 ERA, but barring injury, he's still one of the league's better pitchers.

ESPN BoxRecap

Even More Roster Moves

Mike Trout Has A Very Good Day

Two homers, one of them a grand slam, an infield single, a walk, and five RBIs overall.

Vernon Wells, I suppose you should be worried about playing time, though not at this exact moment.

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Rob, there was some discussion over at HH about the incident at the Big A. Many pointed out that there are literally no other media reports relating this matter, and the only accounts that make it sound like anything more than minor fisticuffs is the anonymous, uncredited account posted at dirty. So, grains of salt, etc.

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