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Monday, April 18, 2011

Rant: MLBAM's At Bat 2011 App

Regarding the new MLB 2011 iPhone app: Seriously, this is the first time since I've had an iPhone that an upgrade to this useful app — once a paragon of how to do things — has actually turned into a step backwards. Please, MLBAM, fix this.


only thing that ticked me up was having to ante up some more coinage for 2011, and apparently each year after that. every other iPAD app gets free upgrades and i had assumed there'd be a one time fee which i paid last year, but MLB will have me shelling out ca$h each spring it appears.

it's a beautiful app though on the iPAD and saves me from DIRECTV since i live out of area. what you list in the big picture are minor annoyances i haven't even noticed.

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