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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Dodgers A Drag On MLB Attendance

A fascinating look at the non-problem of mildly declining attendance by Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci yields the following interesting grafs:
4. The Dodgers are a drag on the game.

Through May 1, the Dodgers alone accounted for 63 percent of the decline in MLB attendance [emphasis mine -- RLM]. They are down 95,843 fans through 15 dates, or 14.5 percent. One scout said before the Dodgers hired Los Angeles police to address security issues, Dodger Stadium was "the most dangerous ballpark in baseball -- 30th out of 30."

According to baseball sources, Selig seized operational control from owner Frank McCourt for issues that have been "ongoing" and harm franchise value, including the ballpark security problem and accrued debt. Baseball is concerned that McCourt's plan to take payments from future television revenues will leave the next owner without proper operational funds. McCourt appears positioned for a protracted fight with Selig, which leaves the franchise, which hasn't played a World Series game in 22 years, which has none of the 20 most popular players in the game according to 2010 jersey sales, in a state of uncertainty.

The "next owner" part is just assumed here. Gotta love that.

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