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Monday, May 02, 2011

Kendrys Morales Stops Batting Practice

Kendrys Morales has stopped taking batting practice per a tweet from Bill Plunkett. His rehab has been moved back to Arizona. "The important thing is running", claims Mike Scioscia, but he's not doing that, either.

Update: Spelling corrected above. I keep forgetting the "s" in "Kendrys".

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I am confused about two things: why isn't he running?
And with much respect for Mike Scioscia, I'd like to know why on earth Mark Trumbo was benched vs Tampa Bay, when he had just won the game the day before and a LH was pitching(Price)to boot in favor of Amarista(a LH bat).

Mark Trumbo should be given more slack. He has done an excellent job at 1B(mostly)and has won quite a few games for the Angels. The veterans are allowed to go through slumps. Also, Bourjos is still learning offensively but there is no doubt he will be a fine leadoff man, must work on stealing.
What in earth is the problem with Kendrys?
I have been mostly impressed with Trumbo in the short time he's been up. He has a long swing, and might yet turn into a pumpkin, but he's already done a lot more than I ever expected of him. If you look at his minor league numbers, his on-base percentage was only once higher than .350, and that was in his full season at Salt Lake in 2010 -- but that was 9.7% of his total plate appearances that ended in a walk, the highest of his minor league career. It could yet point in a direction of making marked progress.

As to Kendrys, so many injuries are related -- it's not uncommon to hear of pitchers who get elbow trouble, try to adjust by using more of their lower body, then end up with a knee problem. One of my friends was a ski patrol member who ended up wrecking both her hip and shoulder, one a consequence of her former life but the latter a consequence of the former injury. So these things can cascade.

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