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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tim Brown On How A Billboard Man Helped Spread The Word

Really heartwarming story in the aftermath of a tragedy:
Lamar Advertising has some 5,000 billboards in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Curious one morning and feeding a gnawing helplessness, he checked his inventory, knowing spring would be slow, that there would be vacancies, that the busy summer months were weeks away.

Baker contacted his corporate lobbyist, who put him in touch with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to discuss donating the billboards. Lamar had 200 sites available that day, and another 100 would come free shortly thereafter.

One of the billboards, near the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Marion Avenue a half-mile from Dodger Stadium, looks like the rest. “WANTED,” it pleads across the top, “Attempted Murder at Dodger Stadium.” It offers a reward, lists a phone number, and bears the police sketches of the two alleged attackers.

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