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Thursday, May 19, 2011

While You Were Cheering For Jamie McCourt's Sale Bid...

... she was busying herself with irrational valuations of the Dodgers:
Jamie McCourt is pushing for a private sale -- rather than one facilitated by MLB if it invokes its power to sell the team -- because she believes it will result in the highest possible sales price. Frank McCourt's attorneys have said the team and its properties are worth between $800 million and $900 million, while his ex-wife's lawyers believe the potential could be more than $2 billion.
Never forget that Jamie has a primary role in this fiasco of sucking the Dodgers dry. If she pushes for a sale and tries to hold out for an unreasonably high figure, that could be just as catastrophic to the team as current ownership — if such a move doesn't delay the sale of the team by months or even years.

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It is a strange world where Jamie is the more likable McCourt. I am stunned that she didn't expect the new owner to install a lap pool in the outfield for her private use when the team is playing away games.
Bitter divorce from husband even more bitter divorece from baseball!


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