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Friday, May 06, 2011

Why Steve Soboroff Needs To Be Fired, And Why He Probably Won't Be

Craig Calcaterra adds some additional details to yesterday's ridiculous story about MLB overseer Tom Schieffer not acting quickly in permitting additional security post-Osama-execution (all emboldening mine).
Schieffer responded via email within two minutes of the request, granting it. Frank McCourt apologized late yesterday, admitting that Soboroff’s claim was baloney. Soboroff has not commented. Which is understandable, because what is he gonna say? “I hereby retract the bullsh** statement I made that was clearly calculated to make it seem like Schieffer is not on top of his duties in overseeing the Dodgers. I will attempt to offer less baldly false propaganda in my efforts to help Mr. McCourt keep his team in the future”?
I still am baffled by what Soboroff gets out of being Frank's mouthpiece, and more, by so transparently dissembling in his service. Frank is not an artful liar by any stretch; if he were, he would be in politics. As it is, he is only good enough to score, temporarily, a major league baseball team. If anything, Soboroff appears a sort of second-rate copy of Frank, only less competent in public relations skills. And if that's the only reason he's around, as Craig points out, he needs to be fired; but there'll be time enough for that at the end of the month, when MLB takes over the team anyway.

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Totally agree with you on Soboroff.

Knowing how ridiculous the Dodgers front office is, I would not be surprised if Soboroff's employment contract has a huge poison pill balloon payment offered if he's fired within his first year (or month, as it may be).
And yet, there's a big part of me that wonders whether he is even being paid.

I still can't figure out what Soboroff's angle in all of this is. If he's trying to be first in line to buy the team after Frank's exit, he's crossing all the wrong people.

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