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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fox Won't Back Frank If Bankruptcy Strikes, And More Dodger Charity Malfeasance

One that hit yesterday, and a new one today: first, Fox will not stand by Frank McCourt in case of a bankruptcy proceeding involving the Dodgers, according to unnamed sources.
The Fox position would "severely complicate" any plans McCourt might have to file bankruptcy as a way to retain control of the Dodgers, said Rob Kampfner of White and Case, the firm that represented the incoming owners of the Texas Rangers through that club's bankruptcy proceedings last year.


A bankruptcy judge could overrule Selig and order approval of the Fox contract — one McCourt says could be worth $3 billion — to ensure the Dodgers' creditors are paid in full. Fox would respond that it is not bound to the agreement since a contract has not been executed and it would not support the Dodgers' owner should he ask a bankruptcy judge to implement the deal, said one of the people familiar with the matter who is not authorized to speak publicly because of the sensitivity of the circumstances.

Today, we find more shady Dodger charity dealings, with the McCourts being forced to return $100,000 to the Dodger Dream Foundation that were principally used for the benefit of Jamie McCourt after the state attorney general found out. Sucks to be you, Frank!

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