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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Unlike McCourt, Weaver Owns The Dodgers: Angels 7, Dodgers 1

I haven't written a game recap in weeks, certainly not since my trip to Pittsburgh and environs. This particular game was interesting most in how the Dodgers failed to do much of anything against Jered Weaver, who pretty much had their number from beginning to end, save for a mildly troublesome fifth, wherein he gave up a leadoff double to James Loney, the only extra-base hit the Dodgers sniffed off him the whole night. Of course, this is the third game in the last month in which he's given up six or more earned runs. That by itself isn't so terrible, though the recent frequency is a bit disturbing.

Dee Gordon got charged with two errors, both throwing, and both ended up allowing a run to score. Clayton Kershaw just couldn't catch a break on his defense, and Weaver pretty much had everything going his way. As Mat Gleason wrote after the game, Weaver did what Frank McCourt cannot: own the Dodgers.

ESPN BoxMLB.com recap

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