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Monday, August 22, 2011

Angels Sign Jered Weaver To A 5-Year/$85M Deal

Excellent news. The great, obvious fear was that the team wouldn't pay retail for its Scott-Boras-represented ace, and the starting rotation would descend to Dan Haren and four days of weeping. A rare good signing from Tony Reagins.

Update: This is a pretty good deal for a guy I thought might be a third starter. LOL.


Actually, read it again: a nice number four, you wrote.

I recall you rode Weaver the Younger pretty hard the first couple of years, and were pretty certain he'd be Jeff Weaver, or worse. You may have been the most pessimistic voice in the Halosphere on surfer dude.

That's ok -- it's good to be wrong when the bounty piles high. ;D
Just so. Happily eating my crow on this one.

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