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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mark Saxon Lays It Out For Scioscia

Scioscia got a little testy when I phrased the question about Conger, "How could you not try his bat after what you've gotten from your other catchers?"

"How could we not? We could catch Trout. How would that play defensively?" he asked.

A slam on Conger? An open acknowledgment that he has lost whatever ability to judge catching talent he may once have had? Overdosing on cannelloni? Whatever it is, Mike Scioscia has lost it.

The rest of Saxon's column is a call for a youth movement, which, hear, hear.

Via Halos Heaven, the comments section thereof being quite interesting. I think everyone is sick of Scioscia's love affair with Jeff Mathis' incomprehensibly, historically bad offense and adequate-not-great glove.

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