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Monday, October 03, 2011

Angels Continue Housecleaning, Fire AGM Ken Forsch, Gary Sutherland

Sutherland was a special assistant to the GM, and had been in that position for 12 years, while Forsch had logged 14 years in the AGM role.

Bill Dwyre on Friday recapped the consequences of the Reagins ouster. My own feeling is that they're going to bring in someone from outside, though the popular choices are not likely, i.e. Pat Gillick.

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Interesting. I actually find this move somewhat encouraging, as it potentially signals Arte Moreno's willingness to hire a true, independent GM (i.e., not someone who merely does Scioscia's bidding) who will, in turn, be given free reign to hire his own underlings. Presumably, anyone interested in being more than a figurehead GM would also want to hire his/her own assistants.
I hope you're right. Scioscia's insane comments this year equating calling up Hank Conger with asking Mike Trout to catch (along with the Napoli trade, done as though he were a throwaway piece) makes me think he doesn't know the first thing about evaluating catching talent.

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