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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craptacular: Cardinals 10, Rangers 9

A lot of other people are going to write about this game, and everything that was wrong with it; for starters, the five errors (three by the Cards, two by the Rangers) that, to my mind, set some kind of recent record for single game screwups. Then, Tony LaRussa's mangling of pinch hitters: getting Edwin Jackson announced but not used in the 10th was about as egregious a misuse of players as I have ever seen, save for the now-infamous screwup in Game 5 in which he used Lance Lynn to intentionally walk Ian Kinsler.

Forget all that.

Tonight might have been Texas' best shot at a title. The last team to win a World Series as an away team in Game 7 was the 1979 Pirates. And it slipped away from them, multiple times, with the Cards twice tying two-run deficits to force bonus baseball.

Damn, it's moments like this that I just love this game.

Update: Nice article at Yahoo's Big League Stew about the fan who grabbed Freese's walkoff homer.


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I loved that game because Texas lost, and thus did not sully the second-happiest day on my calendar. Otherwise, it looked like a game between the Black Knight and the Black Knight.

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