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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plaschke Interviews Scioscia On The Napoli Trade

Sad, really:
"If you say our organization didn't value Mike Napoli, it's absolutely wrong," he said. "The hindsight of this trade is 20/20 vision, and right now, obviously in the playoffs, that vision carries lot of weight. But I still think there is a lot of upside of what our team can become with Vernon."
This is delusional. Vernon Wells, 2010 road slash line: .224/.299/.400. 2011 regular season: .218/.248/.412. Nobody could have predicted the levees would fail. Scioscia has learned nothing, and while I get that as an employee of the Angels he has to maintain a certain face about bad news, this becomes more and more obviously duplicitous. Yes, it is true that Scioscia actually played Napoli more than the Rangers did this year, but at the same time, it's hard to avoid the "bad hands" comment he made in an interview with the Dallas Morning News earlier this year:
"I always felt like I was looking over my shoulder to see if I was doing things right," Napoli said. "I had 'bad hands.' I was so worried about my setup and the mechanics all the time. I learned a lot. I learned a lot of what I do there, but playing there just wasn't much fun."
Scioscia has been thus far pleased to throw both Arte Moreno and Tony Reagins under the bus for the Napoli trade ("some decisions were made by Tony and Arte", as though he had nothing to do with them). I re-upped my season tickets, but I don't know if that was a good idea, still.

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