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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fairy Tale Dodger Fans Hope Comes True

Howard Cole, the Register's Dodger blogger, has a hopeful piece about Frank McCourt not retaining the team's parking lot:
Beside the most obvious reasons – buyers want every inch of Dodger Stadium included, the lots will land Frank un-spendable fortune if sold now or in the near future, and everyone (probably even including McCourt himself) wants this over once and for all – selling the team lock, stock and a few of Manny’s leftover corked barrels is the simplest and the most logical thing to do.

Plus, once upon a time from Frank McCourt, there was something like this: “I’m not selling the team, I’m not selling the team, Boston baked beans, Celtics, Patriots, get out my face, I’m not selling the team!”

True as far as it goes, but at that point he did not have an agreement that he could retain the parking lots and none else. While it might be nice to fantasize about the team retaining its historic revenue generators, there's no guarantee that the bidders won't accept buying the team without Frank McCourt attached as a landlord.

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Joyfully dodgers will improve

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