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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rick Caruso And Joe Torre Withdraw Their Bid And Why That's A Good Thing (Most Likely)

Bill Shaikin fills in the blanks for the day's big Dodgers story (assuming you don't count Rubby de la Rosa starting the season on the 60-day DL with elbow trouble, or claiming Matt Angle off waivers, or Jose Ascanio failing his physical and thus voiding his contract, or Mike MacDougal "feeling something" in his back). I'll cut to the chase, because another Dodger bidder out of the offing is not necessarily a good thing; you want the team to fetch a good price at auction (something you may recall was a bit of controversy in the Red Sox bidding with the John Henry group).

This is a suspicion — and only that — but the $1.5 billion-plus bids the team is fielding now are at least in part contingent on the team being sold along with the parking lots. And if Frank is not selling the parking lots — as he has repeatedly said he won't — along with the team, then the price will come down accordingly. As it has been my considered opinion that overpaying for the Dodgers will lead to bad teams (to make up for the overpayment), this cannot help but be a good thing in the short and long terms. My hope, anyway, is that McCourt intransigence will eventually mean he cannot recoup enough to make good with his wife. That will force him to sell the parking lots.

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