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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Angels Customer Service Hits The Skids As Five-Hour Lines For Tickets Enrage Fans

The Rev has the poop, surprising because it comes from an LAT article from the business side, in the person of Michael Hiltzik. The story is that 2,000 people waited up to five hours on the first day of availability for ticket package seating assignments, when this process had previously taken only two hours. Worse, the Angels designed the process to require their physical presence at the stadium, but only had half the box office windows staffed.
The worst thing is that Angels executives still don't get that they committed a huge blunder. When I spoke with the front office last week, they were not exactly apologetic. They weren't merely defensive. They were truculently defensive. At one point in our conversation, Angels President John Carpino intimated that I was taking this matter personally because my wife had been inconvenienced, as though no one who hasn't lived through the experience can imagine the frustration of being forced to waste nine hours acquiring 10 baseball tickets.
Hiltzik is normally one of the reasons I ignore the Times' business section — he is that section's answer to Bill Plaschke — but he's absolutely right in twitting the front office. The Angels have done a lot to make their team and stadium an enjoyable experience, but this is ridiculous. Was there any reason these vouchers couldn't have been managed online? Really a bad call, made worse by Carpino's evasions.

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