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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ascot, Four-In-Hand, Bow, A Tie's A Tie: Angels 3, Cubs 3

It's pretty telling that this year the Cubs previews for the most part have photos of the iconic Theo Epstein on them, and no player. That's because, unfortunately, the team is not especially good, and because the major hope they have for the future is in the future. Strangely enough, the Cubs and Red Sox have still not finalized compensation for the "deal" that sent Epstein to Chicago, long after all parties agreed that was what was going to happen. (Former Cubs pitcher Chris Carpenter had to have bone chips removed from his elbow, sidelining him for 2012, leading the Red Sox to revisit the issue. Not that they wouldn't have anyway.)

The Angels got two runs on a Kendrick double and a Pujols homer, but that was it, as Cubs starter Paul Maholm settled down thereafter. Chicago got one back in the fifth off a two out double by Joe Mather, who scored on a Howie Kendrick error. The Angels more or less left the field in the sixth, leaving things to their minor league reserves. (There was a funny story about Albert Pujols miscounting outs and prematurely heading to the dugout, but, hey, it's spring.) Garrett Richards (who is so unfamiliar to me that I missed the final "t" in his name) managed a good outing (sub-quality-start level!) in his final bid for the fifth starter role, giving up only two earned runs (three total).

Really, I'm ready for the season to start.

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