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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Early, So The Games Don't Mean Anything (Not): Twins 10, Angels 9

As Mike DiGiovanna reminds us, the last time the Angels blew a six-run lead and lost was in a May 14, 1994 game against Seattle. The 2012 campaign is not starting terribly well. Of course, starts count for nothing; even though the Angels started 4-2 in '94, they finished in the division cellar at 47-68 in a year where no one went to the postseason thanks to a strike year.

Kendrick, Pujols, and Hunter all went 0-fer, which is depressing enough; but when your team leader on RBIs is Peter Bourjos, usually skulking around at the bottom of the lineup or thereabouts, something is going terribly wrong with your offense, nine runs or no. One bad outing by the bullpen sank the Angels, with Rich Thompson and Kevin Jepsen blowing up, somewhat predictably. Too many things going wrong at once.

I heard the other day that the Angels are offering season ticket holders special deals on suites, which has been happening a lot lately. If they keep playing like this, marquee player or not, there'll be a lot more empty seats. The Twins are a beatable team. The Angels should be playing better.


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