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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Now, Bunt! Giants 2, Dodgers 1

Three bunts, two predictably stupid outcomes: The bunt is the stupidest percentage play in baseball, and these were reminiscent of some of Jim Tracy's idiotic games. (Aside: for those wanting to relive the misery of that era in Dodger baseball, Chris Jaffe earlier did a nice review of his career that's well worth reading.)

The best we can say about this game is that Vogelsong was on his game, but Kershaw's was a little less good. The Dodgers generally failed to cash in with runners in scoring position, getting only one hit in eight tries. Kershaw's winning streak comes to an end at five. Bleh.

Update: Chad Moriyama has more, including animated GIFs of the carnage and play-by-play win expectation percentages. Just ugly.

ESPN BoxDodgers recap

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