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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Weaver Spins A No-Hitter: Angels 9, Twins 0

I missed this one, being temporarily ensconced at Desert Hot Springs, but the friends to whom we sold the tickets got to see a spectacular game, perhaps the crowning glory of Weaver's career. Discussing it this morning with Helen, we were considering the career of the now-retired Greg Maddux, who — and anyone who can correct my database manipulations is welcome to do so — apparently had zero no-hitters in his long and illustrious career, a number that seems to me unbelievable.

For all that this was an awesome game, it also illustrated the same troubling issues with the offense that have hamstrung the team since the start of the year. The one-through-three hitters went a collective 3-for-15, with both Albert Pujols and Vernon Wells only collecting a single apiece. As seems to be the case generally, it was the rest of the lineup doing the honors, with Kendrys Morales owning a 3-for-5 night in cleanup, and Howie Kendrick going 4-for-4 with a home run in the six hole.

All this offense — regardless of origin — chased Twins starter Liam Hendriks in the third, and from there, it got scarcely better for Minnesota. Ron Gardenhire proceeded to launch a broadside into his team in a postgame interview:

Asked if Liam Hendriks’ performance (2.1 IP, 9 H, 6 ER) made it tougher on the offense, Gardenhire said, “He just didn’t pitch well. The kid didn’t get anything done. We didn’t hold runners. They ran all over the place on us. All the little things that a baseball team’s supposed to do, we didn’t do.

“Letting guys steal second, letting guys steal third. You go to the mound, you bring a pitcher in, tell him, ‘You’ve got to slide step. He’s going to steal third if we don’t.’ And and what do we do? The first pitch, pick your leg up and they take off running. If the guy hadn’t swung, he was standing up.

“That’s not acceptable. That’s not good baseball by any team. So we have to do a lot better. Running all over us. Looked like Little Leaguers out there, and that’s a bunch of bull.

(H/t BTF.) Whether that does anything for the Twins remains to be seen. David Pinto seems to think Gardenhire is trying to shame them into producing, but it may be that this is Gardy's last year running that franchise. In the meantime, Simi Valley, represent!

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