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Friday, December 14, 2012

About Josh Hamilton

$125M/5 years, no I can't.


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Forget the $$$; Arte can do whatever he wants with it. And yes, Hamilton has issues. But he is a very good hitter (better than Wells, Bourjos or Trumbo), and his presence affords the team a real opportunity to parlay Bourjos or Trumbo, plus maybe Conger, into a badly-needed frontline starter, for the same money that would have been needed simply to retain the mercurial Zack Greinke.
And Hamilton isn't mercurial?
OPS+ of 139, 130 & 170 last three years is less mercurial, from a performance standpoint, than ERA+ of 114, 103 & 100. The bigger point: Hamilton is better than either Bourjos or Trumbo, and they may still turn some of the surplus into a 114, 103, 100 ERA+ hurler.

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