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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Josh Hamilton Sells His Newport Beach Home, Files For Divorce

A report yesterday from the Times says Josh Hamilton is selling his Newport Beach home for $16.5 million. Josh Hamilton apparently filed for divorce around the time his relapse went public, according to the Dallas Morning News. After the fracas with the Angels in which Arte Moreno refused to commit to Hamilton again playing with the team, it seems like there's more, not less, chaos in Hamilton's life going forward.

Update: Looks like I missed the part where his wife has an ongoing affair, who is forbidden to stay at their shared (for now) home (emboldening mine):
Hamilton outlined 34 requests in the petition. Among the requests: prohibit her from using the Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer in his possession; prohibit her from “hiding” the children from him; prohibit her from making disparaging remarks against him or his family; prohibit someone who has an intimate relationship with her from staying in the same home as the children overnight.

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And to think I used to enjoy baseball as a refuge from this kind of crud.
Seeing that last comment in print, I feel I should clarify it. I don't mean this to be a criticism of your posting about this matter, just a plaintive wail about how all this backstage stuff is harshing my crucial baseball mellow.
I hear ya.

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