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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mat Gleason Leaves SB Nation

What I choose to write about here surprises even me sometimes. I was utterly amazed to see that Mat Gleason has been fired resigned as the head blog-runner at Halos Heaven in the wake of his intemperate comments about Josh Hamilton. Irascible, tendentious, and pugilistic, he was never dull. He did a good job with that blog for years. The Halosphere will be diminished for the absence of someone willing to post with vigor and candor.

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There would be no Halos Heaven without Mat Gleason. Anything else I might say at this point on the matter would also be intemperate, other than I hope Mat starts another blog post haste.
No Halos Heaven without him? No, actually SB Nation could quite easily find a new writer who could, you know, actually write and make that site better.

Mat Gleason is a hack. If you're 50 years old and still rely on being provocative/revolting to get page views, you should not be in journalism.

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