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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"Losing Makes Me Puke"

Arte, I want to bear your love child. Okay, too strong, too strong, but when your new owner comes to town saying things like "losing makes me puke", you have to like it a lot better than Selig's moaning and kvetching about salaries, as well as excusifying for his team's consistent cellar-dwelling, not to mention McCourt's obviously unrealizeable pipe dreams he casts out in press conferences. Jim Souhan in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes (subscription required, or disable Javascript):
Moreno bought the most impressive free agent on the market -- the wondrous Vladimir Guerrero -- and two pitchers, Kelvim Escobar and Bartolo Colon, who addressed the Angels' biggest need. He added Jose Guillen just for laughs, bringing the Angels their biggest payroll ever.

Reason to raise prices, right?

Not in Arte's world. Moreno turned down millions in naming rights to re-name the former Edison Field "Angel Stadium."

He lowered the price of beer, souvenirs and children's tickets.

He spent many of his nights in Arizona dining at The Tee Pee, one of Phoenix's best hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants, where he's greeted by name.

He refused to complain about baseball's salary structure, competitive imbalance, the Alex Rodriguez trade, George Steinbrenner or Johnny Damon's hair.

And he actually said: "Losing makes me puke."

If you are an Angels fan -- no, if you are a baseball fan -- Moreno should be your hero.

Damn straight. They oughta know a few things in Minnesota about rotten ownership, so the other kind is blissfully rare. One of these days I'm gonna come across Arte at the stadium. This oughta be a fun year.


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