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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bonds To Retire This Year?

Thanks to Baseball Primer's "Clutch Hits" column for this link: ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe interviewed Barry Bonds recently, with Sutcliff surmising Bonds might retire this year if his career numbers surpass Babe Ruth's:
Joey, Nj: Do you think Barry could possibly reach the Hammer by the end of next season?

Rick Sutcliffe: I had a long talk with him on Opening Day. We talked for about 30 minutes and we ran some of it on TV. The feeling I get is he will pass Babe Ruth and go to the house. If he passes Ruth this year, I'd be suprised if he came back next year. I sensed he had a void in his life. He doesn't like being away from his kids. He felt that void growing up. He knows his kids feel the same thing. I think he'll be happy with No. 2. That's what Clemens is doing now. Along with playing at home and all the consessions the Astros made, he wanted to be No. 2 behind Nolan Ryan and I have no doubt he will do that this year.


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