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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Corrected Minor League Park Factors

Jeff Nelson at Mariners Wheelhouse wrote me about my article on minor league park factors that
I noted that you also picked up the info on park factors. But when you take a park out of it's league, you need to adjust the park factor for the league in which they play.

Vero Beach is not a hitters park - it's only a hitters park in comparison with the FSL.

Later, he added:
I just about got trapped in it, because I had a whole piece composed about how Gutierrez might not be as good as advertised because he had played half his games in an extreme hitters park at Vero Beach, even though FSL is a pitchers. Then it dawned that not a single park in the FSL has a factor as low as the leage factor. Then I figured out that the the parks are only calibrated within the league.
Ah, good point, Jeff. So let's go back and reconsider those park factors:

ACedar Rapid Kernels1001Vero Beach Dodgers987
ARancho Cucamonga Quakes1097Columbus Catfish986
AAArkansas Travelers1164Jacksonville Suns858
AAASalt Lake Stingers1225Las Vegas 51's1083

All the Dodgers parks are pitchers parks -- though in the case of Columbus and Vero Beach, not by very much -- below the AAA level. Conversely, 100% of the Angels' minor league parks are hitter's parks, period. Good stuff, and thanks for that catch, Jeff.


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