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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Invincible No More?

It's hard to see clearly this early in the season -- there just aren't enough innings yet. But my Dodger-sense is whispering: Gagné isn't the same guy who took the mound last year or even the year before. His K/9 is down -- way down -- from last year's 14.98, only posting 8.31 so far this year. This is consistent with my memory of recent games he's pitched: getting a lot more flyballs and ground outs, and few -- compared to last year -- strikeouts. That's only good enough for third on the team, after Sanchez and Perez. And again tonight: a four-out outing, and nary a strikeout.

Dodger fans are often quick to mention steroids in conjunction with Barry Bonds. Though I hesitate to say it -- could Gagné be settling back to earth after a superhuman ride with performance enhancing drugs?


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