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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Lackey Lacking in 12-6 Loss

Lackey lived down to my expectations today, getting chased even before the fourth was over. He showed that he's still a journeyman -- or maybe that the season is early -- in today's 12-6 loss to the Rangers. Weber improved on his abysmal Seattle outing earlier in the week, but no matter what happens, he always makes me nervous on the mound -- he never gets strikeouts, just about. Meantime, the offense somehow managed to get slowed down by, of all things, Ranger pitching, and in particular, the Ranger bullpen, most specifically in the person of ex-Mariner, ex-Yankee Jeff Nelson.

Which makes me worried about facing the A's, who have actual pitching. But outside of the marginal pitching, the Angels face two very real problems this year: Tim Salmon's .050 and Erstad's .200 batting averages. Both could very possibly become league average hitters this year.


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