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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Nomo Shines, Dodgers 7, Rockies 4

Nomo-san pitched well today in a 7-4 win, albeit a bit shakily in the second, when he threw 41 pitches. Beltre slammed another one over the fence, and drove in a run on a sac fly. What bugged me, though, was watching Gagné's performance on the mound. He looked like he was missing his game face, and he just didn't have his A stuff out there tonight, throwing a lot of pitches, and generally with poor command of the strike zone. He gave up a hit, but struck out two anyway. Overall, it made for a wonderful recovery from Nomo's season opener, although the 108 pitches in six innings makes me wonder if his velocity drop isn't going to bug him more as the season wears on.
I mentioned earlier today that the pitching is suspect, and I still cling to that statement. Paul DePodesta, it seems, agrees with me:
The Dodgers got Bradley for their anemic offense. Interestingly, GM Paul DePodesta has indicated to fellow executives he actually doesn't like his rotation either, which was supposed to be a strength. L.A. is spending about $30 million on Darren Dreifort (bumped to the pen), Kaz Ishii (control problems), Hideo Nomo (lost velocity) and Jeff Weaver (good first start off of a horrid spring). It has been so bad DePodesta has offered some hesitancy about moving Odalis Perez, though he is a malcontent in his walk year represented by Scott Boras.

One player DePodesta has revealed he could move that the previous regime would not is elite set-up man Guillermo Mota. The prospect he did move for Bradley, outfielder Franklin Gutierrez, was compared to a young Ellis Burks by a scout who watched him all last year in Single-A.

Surprising that, but I suppose middle relievers are a dime a dozen, yes? Or else he's convinced he's got ten of those in the Dodger system just waiting for a chance.


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