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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Prior May Need Tommy John Surgery?

While normally this blog covers the Dodgers and Angels, I do have a rooting interest by marriage in the Cubs. The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports a rumor that Mark Prior may require Tommy John surgery thanks to Dusty's overuse of him. This would pretty much put their hopes of winning the division, let alone getting into the World Series, at an end. It also comes as something of a surprise, because as recently as April 6th, Will Carroll's "Under the Knife" column for Baseball Prospectus said he was playing catch in Cincinnati. Prior started the season on the 15-day DL and is not expected to be available until May.

Lenny Harris To Hang 'Em Up

Longtime pinch hitter Lenny Harris is calling it a career after this year. His goal is to get 19 pinch hits, which will get him 200 over his career.

Dayn Perry Vets DePoDodgers

Dayn Perry in his April 9th column (subscription required) vets the Dodgers' recent pickups. He continues to make the common wrong assumption about the team's cash flow ("cash to the Dodgers is like dog hair on dark shirts to me: more at my disposal than I know what to do with"), which still makes me wonder whether he's paying attention to anything outside his immediate field of expertise. But his takes on the player trades jibe well with my own ("All six deals, from the L.A. perspective, range from tremendous to patently sensible"), especially the Ketchner acquisition ("you don't pass up an opportunity to grab a flipper like Ketchner for almost nothing"). The big surprise to me was the Cody Ross deal; I thought it was nothing special, but Perry writes that
This deal and the [Ketchner deal] are the ones that hew closest to the status of thievery probably addressed somewhere in the Patriot Act. In Colyer, DePo surrendered a fairly vanilla minor league reliever with sub-optimal control. What they got was a 23-year-old center fielder who slugged .507 in Double-A and .515 in Triple-A. The downside is that Ross tore his ACL late last season, but he's young enough to rebound without it hurting his baseball chops much.
Good stuff, and nice to see my own feelings are vindicated.

Roberts Stealing His Way Out Of Town?

Base stealer Dave Roberts has heard Paul DePodesta doesn't like the running game. I have to believe that it's not so much base-stealing but getting caught stealing that is the problem. Dave's success rate is such that I can't imagine him being moved for that, though I can imagine his weak bat and poor OBP being moved for someone with a real bat. He's one of the Dodgers more exciting players to watch, but unfortunately for him, my guess is he's ultimately destined elsewhere.


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