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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Rocky Mountain Lie

Via Will Carroll, a great piece in Slate about why the Rocks are so awful, blaming altitude obsession -- which spawned that infamous humidor as well as poor spending habits (uh, Arte, are you listening?)-- and an inability to discern from real talent for their failures. A good read.

OT: In The CD Player

At work, at least, for months, on and off: Tift Merritt's "Bramble Rose". I haven't encountered a singer-songwriter who came out as strongly and fully-formed since... oh, Carole King? Fantastic alt-country chops with a voice to die for.

Prior Throwing On The Mound

I forgot to mention that Mark Prior is throwing off the mound, though there's still no official timetable for his return. Will Caroll in yesterday's BP "Under the Knife" column estimates "between four and six weeks to get ready once the Achilles tendon is asymptomatic" (emphasis mine). Dusty, start thinking about why and how you can get your top guys off BP's pitcher abuse points leaderboard.

Grudz Down

For those few who still wish we had kept Grudzielanek, in that same BP column, it looks like the man with the unspellable name is out for three weeks with a frayed Achilles tendon. I, for one, liked the Grudz/Karros/Hundley trade; it dragged out the pain for the Dodgers, but it took two bad contracts off the team's hands, and in a less pitcher-friendly park, Grudz actually blossomed.

Dodgers Bash Wells, Padres, 11-4

One of the problems of covering two teams is that sometimes you miss good games -- like last night's 11-4 victory over the Pads at Petco. Wells wasn't sharp, it seems, but Ishii was, going into the seventh inning for the first time in memory; his tank usually runs out at five or six innings. But the big story was Green going 4-4 with a walk -- an OBP of 1.000 -- and two doubles. He's the most overpaid doubles hitter in the league, but at least he's still productive. Having Bradley in the lineup seems to have added life to him. And heck, even Duaner Sanchez -- I'm still giggling about that name -- got an inning in with no harm done.

New MLB.com Stuff

I've already commented in passing about the changes to MLB.com's Gameday product (which still doesn't work on the Mac, grumble, grumble). But has anyone noticed the new improved player biographies? Typically, the Dodgers and Angels both pay attention to this, but it has been spotty for other teams; no more. Here's the bio for Encarnacion, containing recent news, splits-at-a-glance, a last-ten-games summary, fantasy comparisons, expanded stats, and more. The jury's still out on the home page slideshow, though; it's kind of distracting when you're trying to find a particular story.

Daily News: Bott To The Reds?

This has got to be a typo:
This time, the Reds got minor-league left-hander Glenn Bott, who was assigned to Double-A Jacksonville (Fla.) and not added to the 40-man roster. That was the key, because Looper was taking up a 40-man spot and had to be designated for assignment on opening day when the Reds purchased the contracts of spring training invitees Jose Lima, Jose Hernandez and Olmedo Saenz.
Huh? Nothing about that on Transaction Guy, to whose site I added a link today.


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