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Monday, September 13, 2004

Link Policy

If I like your blog, I'll link to it. If not, I won't. If it's about a sport that is not baseball, I won't link to it. If it's about a team that's not in the AL or NL West, it's much less likely. If you can't put it together to use decent grammar, forget it. If you can't spell simple words, no linkee. But if you hit me with unsolicited e-mail that looks remarkably like a mass-mailing, you've already irked me, and -- guess what? -- I won't link to you.

Amended 5/6/05: The above covers getting on the sidebar. However, it is also possible to fall off. Blogs failing to be updated more often than once every two months will be deleted.

Amended 12/20/05: Pay sites I don't find compelling enough to actually pay for myself -- nope.

Clarified 7/7/08: Angels or Dodgers blogs are an automatic lock.



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