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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's Chinese To Me

And on purpose, too: Madboy's Trash Talk. Dodgers, baseball, and "murmurs", all in traditional Chinese.

Wow, now I'be seen it all. A baseball blog in Chinese. I know the Chinese on the mainland started a pro baseball league with the help of MLB to generate talent for the '08 olympics (let's hope America at least qualifies for this).

Anyways, I have only the equivalent of a 1st grade education in Hong Kong so the only words I could pick out was "rotation" and "Paul DePodesta."
Well, actually I'm a Taiwanese. I think our baseball history can be dated back to the Japanese-colony era which was before WW2. We have our own professional baseball for 15 years.
Anyway, I'm really astonished while seeing my site having so many visits in one day......

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