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Monday, March 21, 2005

OT: Who's Brain-Dead, Now?

After a full day's worth of grandstanding (hey, it's not like the Government Oversight Committee has anything better to do than harrass retired ballplayers, is there?), why not go in for secondses? When a crook like Tom DeLay has nothing better to do than call the humane, unfortunate termination of Terry Schiavo's life "medical terrorism", you know they're hoping to get the moonbat vote. Especially when the poor gal has cerebral fluid where her cortex ought to be. She's not coming back, you nitwits. The only hope in all of this is that a few of them seem to understand what's at stake here, just not enough to get a majority.

Blecch. More baseball-related stuff later today.

Since this is an off-topic post and also since I made my last one a politically motivated one....:)

I'm a lifelong, card carrying Dem that thinks that this whole ordeal with this poor gal is so way out of control, that I look for Jeb to bring in the National Guard as his next measure.

And you know what?

I'm inclined to back him up on this one. And trust me when I say this, I don't think I could hate a entire family anymore then I hate the Bush's. Especially when I drive into fill my tank.

My explanation:

First, as a liberal, I don't believe in capital punishment unless its for good old fashion premeditated murder. What did this seemingly wonderful lady do to deserve this death sentence?

While that may seem extreme to some, I don't know how we as Dems...No, scratch that, human beings can partake in something we are against in the first place, because I do think that Mrs. Schavo has recieved a death penalty, ordered by fools and suffered by a family that wishes her to cling to life. No matter if its as a vegetable. They love her and are willing to take care of her.

The same can be said of Republican'ts. Both need to stop flip-flopping on their beliefs and look at this as cruel and unethical punishment--a crime against humanity.

Now I'm not going to get into religion, because its a personal thing for me and I don't preach to anyone to join me in my beliefs either, but I do think that this is an issue where all mankind just has got to let these acts of nature just happen with ever ability to save the life utilized to its fullest capacity. In this case, its dying with dignity--a victim's chance to live.

Yes, she is being kept alive by medical technology, All the more power to give her a chance. How do we expect miracles to ever occure? But removing the tube in the cruel and unethical way its being done, as well as leaving unanswered, many questions about a husband that wants her dead, this unethical way to treat human beings clinging to life are some of the exact things we executed Nazi's for.(deservingly mind you)

So, this is why I say, give the women a medical chance, fluid around the cerebal cortex and all. She's a human being. She deserves it.

Go ahead and wail away guys. I'm sure some of you will love to rip into me on this one. But these are my beliefs.

As you will, Tommy. All I can say is that the best diagnoses I've read say she is not now and never will be capable of consciousness ever again. Legally, her parents have run out of escape clauses. Her parents want her body -- for that's what we're talking about here, not her mind or anything else -- on life support indefinitely. Florida law gives the right to make life-or-death decisions to a person with no declared intentions to the spouse of the person so afflicted. Not to the parents.

I just don't have any sympathy for the parents, and I have nothing but bitter recriminations for a Congress obviously using this poor woman and her family for scoring political points.
Rob you're right, and it seems to be a pattern where we're agreeing with each other. I asked my friend in medical school, and evidentally her brain is liquid except for the brain stem. She is basically dead with a living body. She has no chance of waking up. People put loved ones to death all the time, by pulling the plug. It's utterly insane that this woman is being kept alive.
Rob you're right, and it seems to be a pattern where we're agreeing with each other. I asked my friend in medical school, and evidentally her brain is liquid except for the brain stem. She is basically dead with a living body. She has no chance of waking up. People put loved ones to death all the time, by pulling the plug. It's utterly insane that this woman is being kept alive.
You have no sympathy for the parents? That's an awfully cold statement. These people are losing daughter in an extremely agonizing and heart-wrenching manner - she is literally starving to death. I don't see how anyone can blame them for fighting this fight.

I'm with you for the most part on this, in that the law is perfectly clear in this circumstance (and I also agree that Congress has clearly over-stepped their bounds here). However, I’ve always had a problem with an individual deciding if another individual lives or dies. I’ve always felt that, in the absence of a living will, medicine should err on the side of caution in this sort of situation rather than taking the word of an individual who may not have the patients’ best interest at heart.

So I guess the lesson we should all take out of this ugly affair is LIVING WILL, LIVING WILL, LIVING WILL!
I can't say I agree with you here. I'm on the same page as Tommy. If her parents want to keep her alive, so be it. If her parents don't want to see her starved to death, so be it. Sure enough, her husband "owns her rights" in this case. Given the fact he has a common-law girlfriend and children born out of wedlock, I'm not one to believe him when he waxes altruistic about his wife's "wishes."

All he needs to do is relinquish control of his wife's care to her parents. Is that so difficult?

It saddens me that we, in this country, cry foul at the "treatment" of convicted criminals, yet are so quick to write off and consent to starve to death a woman who has done no wrong.
That being, is there anyway in the world we can pull the plug on this Dodger owner? :)

(Sorry for the attempt at humor)
Living wills aren't binding if everybody in the family can't agree on it. Thee has to be a like (like there is in in CA) for people to grant the power of attourney in medical affaires such as this one.
Quick? She's been minus a cerebral cortex for almost ten years.
What difference does that make Rob? Frank McCourt has been without one his whole life!
The reason Michael Schiavo has a common law wife is because he has not divorced his first wife. The inference is that he's scum for taking a common law wife. The alternative is divorcing his invalid wife.

Republican members of Congress stood up and said that there is no finacial burdon put on the family by her continued care. They tried to defame Michael Schiavo by saying that by not walking away from his wife and leaving her care to the state and her parents, he's being selfish. That argument makes no sense. How can his behavior be selfish if he is not relieving a burdon on himself? Why, then, does he want her dead? If everything those Republicans said is true, then the only reasonable explaination for his behavior is that he truly believes he's trying to carry out Terry Schiavo's wishes.

*Every single judge* who has issued a ruling has done so in favor of the husband. The US Supreme Court affirmed those rulings by refusing to review the case. The law is clear, the proper procedure has been followed to the letter for years.

Republicans in Congress are using this sad, sad case to make political hay with their most conservative religious members. So is this President, who claims to value life, but who, as govornor of Texas, approved more executions than any other governor since the death penalty was reinstated. Now they can back down on the hot button abortion issue and still claim to have fought for "life". Religious conservatives should try to see past this individual case and be angry. Constitutional conservatives should be infuriated at the assumption of power by Congress. Libertarians should continue to be disgusted. The Democrats will continue to be divided.
Are you really serious? You haven't got any sympathy for the parents? Fair enough to hate Tom DeLay, but should anyone have to die just because he's an asshole?

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