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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

DePodesta To Interview With Colorado

The Rockies may yet be the beneficiaries of Frank's hot-headedness, as they have expressed interest in the former Dodgers GM, according to the Knoxville News. A recent article from the Rockies' website says DePodesta credits present Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd with his career in baseball. DePodesta's position in that office would be unclear, as O'Dowd doesn't look to be leaving, but his addition to the front office of a division rival can't be a good thing.

This is not encouraging news.
Better than SD, SF, or AZ, I think. If he's going to go anywhere in the NL West, I'm glad it's COL.
No reason to fret. As the MLB article makes clear, O'Dowd has long employed baseball wonks in Colorado but to little avail.
I'd love to see a sabr-type general manager hired in Colorado to see how he might "solve" the riddle of playing successful baseball a mile or so above sea level. Depo would be perfect for the job.

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