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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dodgers Get Permission To Speak To Bud Black

The Dodgers have received permission to speak with Angels pitching coach Bud Black over their managerial vacancy. Black has never managed at any level.

Dodger Thoughts thread.

Update: Bwaaaahahahahahaha!

Update 2: So now Buddy says he'll sleep on it. Would you like your "no" now or on the layaway plan, Frank? Hypothetical phone conversation:

Black: Of course I'm going to say "no". They fire guys faster than the Gong Show went through contestants!
Scioscia: But... Buddy... you say "no" immediately like that, it looks bad on you, like you think they're poison or something. That's like saying something bad about them. You know the Angel Way is like Home on the Range: never a discouraging word!
Black: Well, they are bad! How do you fire your GM and your manager and all your coaching staff in under a month?
Scioscia: Sure. You know that. I know that. But you can't come out and say it, even if you know it's true. Call Ned back, tell him you'll sleep on it or something.

you follow the angels much more closely than i do... what do you think of bud black, rob? from what i've seen in in-game interviews and such, he seems pretty bright and articulate. that doesn't say anything about his baseball savvy, though.
Sharp guy. Don't know about him as a manager. Neither does anyone else.
scratch black, turns out he doesnt want the job because he doesnt want to move his family. Hmmm, either Black has no idea where the Dodgers play or he really doesnt want to manage the Dodgers.
Well, Dodger Stadium is just a little further from San Diego County than Angels Stadium.
Well, Dodger Stadium is another hour or two farther north from the "San Diego area," where Black resides, and for him it might in fact be far enough to require him to move. And I guess he doesn't think that job is worth it. He's probably right.
This is the equivalent of the hot girl telling the hopeless nebbish, "I've got to wax my cat that night."

Frank has turned the Dodgers into a basket case.
Rob's right. The Dodgers used to be one of baseball's marquee franchises, the kind of team you aspired to work for, if only they would give you a shot. And now? "Oh man, that's a long way to drive. Traffic on the 405, you know. And I can't use the carpool lane? Aw, forget it."

This never would have happened if Tommy Lasorda was still alive.
Philip: It's much, much worse than that.

He's undead.
"....soft, delicious meatballs"

As of 4:22 p.m., ESPN.com is reporting: "Bud slept on it last night, and came to the conclusion that while he was honored to receive the opportunity to interview, the time isn't right for him to pursue a managerial job in 2006," said Angels spokesman Tim Mead said. "He's very honored that Ned Colletti and the Dodgers' organization would consider him. But he's not stupid."

The last sentence wasn't actually included in the article.

Black "slept" on the issue and reportedly suffered severe nightmares.

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