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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trinka Takes The Lowe Road

Is Trinka Lowe too poor to pay for a private eye? The Boston Herald says she recently been spotted on a website dedicated to the wives of cheating ballplayers, and Hell hath no fury as a woman cornered:
“This is Trinka,” the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Lowe wrote. “I need your support and help to know facts about Derek’s drinking, any drugs and affairs. My children’s futures are at stake here. If any of you can help, please do. Thank you.”
Ain't the market wonnerful? Milton Friedmanian pronouncements aside, Lowe's off-the-field fun got a writeup yesterday in the Times by Bill Plaschke, who discovered that Lowe's July 2 meltdown came after a trip to the dugout, where he gave Jim Tracy and Jim Colborn a message:
"I told them I couldn't pitch anymore," Lowe recalled. "I had reached my breaking point. For the first time in my career, I just didn't care anymore."

He asked them to remove him from the game. But the bullpen was too tired and the circumstances were too odd. They refused, urging Lowe to give it one more shot in the second inning.

First batter, first pitch, home run.

Second batter, first pitch, home run.

By the time he was removed after three innings, he had given up four homers, one-third as many as he once gave up in an entire season.

And this guy is supposed to be the opening day starter...

I don't see what the problem is. He was going thru a personal crisis and people generally don't perform well at their jobs when things like that happen. I'd feel weirder if he performed at his best while his marriage was falling apart.
I understand that; but considering he was bad before he got here and got $36M/4 years to do it in, you'd think he could make an effort... whatever.
I think you're both missing the point. Carolyn Hughes was hot! Oh, those legs! How can you concentrate on baseball with that beauty waiting for you? I miss her terribly. I wish Lowe would give her back.
I agree, it would be nice if all professional athletes gave (or could give) 100% all of the time. But it doesn't sound to me like he was "jaking" it as much as he was emotionally drained. Hopefully he can concentrate more on the games now.
well, he's never criticized the McCourts in public.

We know that's the only thing that matters nowadays at Chavez Ravine. That's why he's the starter.

Keep the PR front up, and you'll go places with Frank and Jamie

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