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Monday, November 20, 2006

Rosenthal: Dodgers Near To A Pierre Signing

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers are near to signing centerfielder Juan Pierre; he is supposedly after a 5-year/$45M deal, and after the lunacy with Soriano, I have to believe that Santa Claus is coming early if you're a free agent this year. Maybe not so many years, but the money will for sure be there.

Update: Now on AP and an admission that the Dodgers might be pursuing Pierre by Ken Gurnick on MLB.com. And Jon pontificates on the deal, all but slagging it as an act of charity towards a player who isn't anything like a competent centerfielder, who would likely be outperformed by either of Matt Kemp or Jason Repko. If this space indulged in more analysis — rather than out-and-out and often underinformed ranting — I'd tell you that Pierre was a mistake, and why. But for now, you can just ask Jon.

Pierre is above-average in the narrow sense. And his annual salary may be in line with an above-average player in this 2006-2007 offseason. And perhaps this is the kind of security blanket Colletti needs to avoid giving away a valuable prospect and getting too little in return.

But it shouldn't come to this. It shouldn't require this. Pierre is not sufficiently above-average to make much of a positive difference in 2007, and with each passing year, the chances diminish exponentially. The best the Dodgers can hope for is that by 2011, if the Dodgers haven't unloaded Pierre, baseball has become such a lucrative business that a contract with an average annual value of $9 million is fit for a spare part.

Further words from Mr. Weisman, in the comments to that post above:
The feeling I have is that the whole point of rebuilding your farm system is not to have to sign Juan Pierre for five years. It's to allow you to spend money on exciting players.

So my feeling is a little like being told dreams don't come true.

No, Jon, that's not it at all. Dreams do come true, but only the bad ones.

Update 2: Via Jon, there's no deal yet. Whoo.

Heh. Heh-heh. Tee-hee. Hahaha. [snicker] [chortle] [guffaw].

So, is Pierre going to be the #4 starting pitcher?
Thanks, Matthew. I think now I have to get the water out of my nose.
On a serious note, the Mets declined their $14 million option on Tom Glavine, choosing a $3 million buyout instead. Though the Mets supposedly still hope to re-sign him, he would also make a good replacement for...Maddux.

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